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August 20, 2013
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HPM: Kyet Ganu by IllustratorAndy HPM: Kyet Ganu by IllustratorAndy
This is my replacement second character. I was having troubles roleplaying with Salim since he didn't fit very well in Raccolto, so sorry to all of you who I was in the middle of roleplaying with. If you haven't given up on me, I'd love to roleplay with you again! C:


Name: Kyet Ganu
Age: 22
Gender: Male
Pokemon: Seadra
Height: 5'8''
Bodystyle: Muscular
Birthday: February 19
Home Island: Affection Atoll

     Kyet is stoic, reserved, and only speaks when spoken to. He works hard and rarely has time to himself, but he knows it's for the good of his family, so he never gripes about how exhausted he is. Growing up in a household of six children, his childhood was spent helping raise his younger siblings and he gained an immeasurable reserve of patience for them because of it. He is polite, but distant, to strangers and prefers working, chasing after his younger siblings to keep them out of trouble, or lying on the beach with a good book (when he actually has the time) rather than going out to social gatherings. His distant attitude that has been present for as long as anyone can remember has ensured his near absence of any friends, but he doesn't seem to mind it all that much. He prefers to give a small nod and go on his way rather than sit and talk to someone (and more often than not, his younger siblings don't allow him to socialize anyway). Unfortunately, his inbred Seadra instinct to protect his young (or in his case, his younger siblings) coupled with his temper from his Gyarados father means that the slightest indiscretion against him or his family can have one facing his wrath. He's learned to combat his temper with going down to the beach and swimming his anger away or going off to the forests near their property to chop firewood, but if his neutral expression turns sour, it's not a good sign.

     Kyet (or "Nueng" as his family calls him) grew up in Raccolto in a family of fishermen, and he's been in the family business since he could swim. His parents were both only teenagers when he was born, and life quickly became hard for them. As the eldest of the children, he was expected to help out around the house, and he fully immersed himself into the role of guardian of his younger siblings. A loving older brother and hard-working son, he was happy with his place in the family, even though his voice was often lost amongst the chaos of their household. He learned to keep quiet and trail after his younger brothers and sisters, always trying to keep them out of trouble and being there for them when they needed a shoulder to cry on. His mother was always the cornerstone of the family, her loving and protective nature ensuring that her children were happy and taken care of. His father, while an equally loving and hard-working man, was known for his habit of drinking, and it was an unspoken matter among the family. While he did not agree with how his father spent his free time, he respected the man completely and never once complained about having to go out fishing on his own while his father slept off a hangover. He gave up much of his childhood to help out his parents, and though they were never well off, they worked hard to provide for their children.
     In order to help better the family, Kyet focused on his schooling when he wasn't working, and was too busy studying to engage in sports or other activities. There was a great distance between him and his fellow students, seeing as he had no interest in associating with them and he was known for going haywire whenever one of them did anything against his younger siblings. Regardless, his hard work paid off, and he graduated high school with excellent grades and went off to college on the mainland. It was difficult to go off from Raccolto and leave his family behind, but he worked hard and scraped enough money to visit them whenever he could. Things were going great for them, he had set his sights on graduate school and was heading in the right direction with his grades, and his younger sister (the eldest of the girls) Mayariah had married and was going to start a family soon. He was nearing his graduation and had raised enough money to bring his whole family to the ceremony, but any hopes of finishing school dissipated when he got the call that his father's liver was failing. He made it back home in time to see his father's passing, and the family hasn't quite stopped grieving since Kyet has been home. Having to take his place as head of the household though, he moved past his grief and pushed on to become the foundation for the family, running their fishing business and being caretaker of his siblings again. He secretly wishes he could have finished school, but as always, he keeps his head down and his mouth shut. Luckily, things are looking up for them, and they saved up enough to build Kyet a small house a little ways off from the family home so that he could have some privacy, even though he still spends most of his time with them. He's accepted the fact that he'll have to keep making sacrifices and look after his family for many more years to come, but if it's for the good of his family, he doesn't mind.

Job: Fisherman
Shop Name: N/A
Shop Stock:
     - Fish
Cat Race: Purrloin
Cat's Name: Cici (Female)
     - An excellent swimmer and graceful in the water
     - A decent dancer, but he's completely tone deaf
     - Grew up speaking English and Thai*, and will switch back and forth between them when talking to his family; also speaks a bit of Kiswahili, just to speak with his mother when they don't want the younger kids to understand
     - He's terrified of heights.
     - His nose was broken in a fight in his teenage years and it healed back crooked.
     - He secretly cusses like a sailor.
     - He hates Sharpedos, seeing as one bit off his pinky and part of his ring finger on his left hand. He gets embarrassed whenever someone points it out and will snap at them if they stare too long. Unfortunately, he also happens to be left-handed.
     - He has various scars from past fights and fishing misadventures. He's also missing a tooth from where it was knocked out in a fight.
     - He has sharp barbs along his spine. They sometimes tear through his clothing, so he only wears baggy shirts.
     - All of his younger siblings loved to yank on his tail and his ears when they were younger, and now he hates when anyone touches them.
     - No one will let him near the little family garden since he somehow manages to kill every plant he tries to grow.
     - Cici was a stray found on the beach and is actually the family pet, though she prefers to follow Kyet around since things seem to be less hectic with him. Her favorite things include fish, shiny objects, and taking naps on Kyet's face. Incidentally, Kyet also happens to be rather allergic to cats and goes into horrible sneezing fits whenever he wakes up with Cici on his face. He's not really sure how to handle the kitten and is wary of her in general.
     - Hydro Pump
     - Dragon Dance
     - Rest
     - Dragon Rage
Loved Gifts: fresh seafood, shells and other gifts from the beach, books
Liked Gifts: gifts for his younger siblings, fresh fruits and vegetables, home-cooked meals, handmade gifts
Disliked Gifts: failed dishes, flashy clothing or jewelry, junk food, flowers, plants or plant seeds
Hated Gifts: things that obviously cost a lot of money, alcohol
Relationships: (will change later)
     Quinn : Girlfriend
     Mintra : Grandmother (Gyarados)
     Kanai : Mother (Kingdra)
     Mayariah : Sister (Gyarados)
     Lily: Sister-In-Law (Lapras)
     Kyah : Sister (Seadra)
     Myo : Brother (Magikarp)
     Kasem and Kalaya: Brother and Sister (twins, both Horsea)
     Sumalee: Niece (Swinub)

* For rp purposes, when he's speaking Thai, it will be in brackets "[]" so that I can keep it consistent in notes, the chats, and skype. So unless your character speaks Thai, they shouldn't be able to understand anything in the brackets.

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WOW loving this guy already! And a fisherman? I'm instantly hooked, yes indeed!
I think his design is completely amazing, and very happy you choose a Seadra. They need more love!
I especially love how caring he was to his siblings, and the funfacts were super cute to read : D
ashgajksl thank you so muuuuuuch~
I'm sorry for abandoning our rp before, but maybe we could try again some time? ;v;
That's totally fine, I know you were having a rough time so its all good!
I'd love to do another RP some time, though right now I am unable to D':
Some time in ze future? haha
Thanks for being so understanding, it was really hard to rp with Salim in the group's setting. vAv
But yes, whenever you feel like it, just let me know~
killjoykitty Aug 24, 2013  Student Artist
i'm sad to see Salim go... but i really love this new guy and his sassy cat~ amazing job~ hope to see more of him soon~<3
Gosh, thank you so much! We gotta rp again real soon~
ooo such a manly man. ovo love the color to his hair, thats a really nice touch~ if you ever feel the need to test him out, plz send him my way i'd be happy to rp with him.
Thank you! And yeah, we should definitely rp sometime~
YoshiofRedemption Aug 23, 2013  Student General Artist
He's awesome looking! :)
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