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November 17, 2013
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HPM: Seryeshka Guznishcheva by IllustratorAndy HPM: Seryeshka Guznishcheva by IllustratorAndy

Name: Seryeshka Guznishcheva
Age: 25
Gender: Male
Pokemon: Stantler
Height: 6’5’’
Bodystyle: Beanpole
Birthday: July 7
Home Island: Rapture Retreat


            Seryeshka is very calm and quiet, he hardly ever speaks and is much more comfortable hiding away in a corner and observing others. While he may be skittish around people, he loves to explore and learn new things, and he can often be found wandering around the islands or crawling through the caves. He is rather unnerving, and most think of him as rather creepy. Having a Gothitelle father, he picked up on the man’s habit of sitting and staring at someone or something for hours on end and not responding to anything. Not only that, but his psychic powers fluctuate throughout the day, and whenever they are at their peak, his antlers warp the space around him and he has visions of other realities. Whenever he has a vision, he goes nearly comatose - barely breathing and not blinking at all - for however long it takes the wave of psychic energy to die down. Sometimes it’s for a few minutes, and sometimes it’s for several hours, but either way, it makes it rather hard for him to function in everyday society. If one ever gathered the courage to speak to him - and managed to get him to speak back - they’d find that he is actually rather artistic, romantic, and deeply philosophical. He is obsessed with the stars and the supernatural, and he arranges stones to match the constellations every night just as his father does. He’s extremely intelligent, although his knowledge is selective and strange – much like every other aspect of his personality – and he doesn’t think about what most people do. He can quote a passage from a book word-for-word or draw a perfect map of the stars from memory, but he couldn’t give someone directions into town or work a coffee machine if his life depended on it. Despite his quirks, he has an open mind and a big heart, if only people weren’t so disturbed by him and he learned how to talk to others.


            Seryeshka grew up with a loving and caring family, but they were all quite odd and the people of their city knew it. Sery was a quiet child, sitting and staring at nothing without speaking a word most of the time, and his parents quickly realized that their little boy wasn’t going to fit in at school very well. Nevertheless, they loved him with all their hearts and worked hard to make enough money so that he could be tutored at home. His Gothitelle father ran a small shop in the city and was only home at night while his Stantler mother travelled constantly to professionally play in an orchestra, so he was left in the care of his tutors while he was young. Sery grew used to being alone most of the time, and he spent much of his days focusing on his studies and learning to play the Balalaika beautifully like his mother. When he was old enough to wander around the city on his own, he became a constant presence at the local library, and he would sit and read for hours on end, surrounded by piles of books and being left alone by the other patrons.

            He grew more quiet and distant from others around him as the years went by, and he became more and more lost in the worlds of his visions and the ones he read about in his books. His parents worried for him and wondered how he would ever manage to take care of himself, especially since he had never quite gotten his psychic abilities under control. They managed to get Sery into a university, and the Stantler happily delved into his studies and pursued a dual major in music and philosophy. He still wasn’t making any friends, but he was happy. It seemed that his parents could finally give a sigh of relief, until the day that Sery had one of his visions while he was crossing the street on the way to school and was run over by a car. Luckily, he was fine and managed to come out of it a bit battered and bruised. However, his poor parents were shook up over the incident, and they decided that the big city was just too dangerous for their son.

            A family friend offered to take care of him in Raccolto, and Sery lived and worked on the friend’s ranch for the next few years and learned how to raise Gogoats. He grew comfortable with living on the islands, and it didn't take him long to fall in love with them. One day while the family friend was walking with him through town, Sery saw an old, run down shop that was for sale. His deep love of books had instilled a childhood dream of one day owning a bookstore, and he knew in his heart that the old store would be perfect. He saved every penny that the family friend gave him over the years, and would walk by the store each and every day to stare in through the windows and imagine what it would be like. The family friend helped him manage his psychic abilities more, and he started having less and less visions throughout the day. As he started to get a handle on his powers more, he was able to take care of himself a little better. His newfound independence allowed him to take his dream of owning the store seriously, and the friend helped him settle everything while his parents sent whatever money they could in order to help him. He finally raised enough money to buy the store and start fixing it up, and now he's ready to make his dream a reality.

Job: Bookstore Owner

Shop Name: Blue Moon Books

Shop Stock:

            - Has books of nearly every genre, but features a large collection of ones pertaining to astronomy and the supernatural

            - Also has Russian versions of books so that he can read them, since he only sells books that he's read

Cat Race: Espurr

Cat’s Name: Nikolai


            - He has superb memory, but only when it comes to things he reads or learns. He tends to forget most other things… like someone’s name or when the last time he ate was.

            - He can play the Balalaika and sing beautifully, but he has two left feet and would probably break his neck if he ever tried to dance.

            - He also fancies himself as a bit of an artist, and the sketchbook he carries around is littered with drawings and paintings of what he sees in his visions. It’s almost therapy for him in a way, he can keep track of what’s real and what isn’t. He’s very shy and secretive of this though, and he has never shown another soul any of his work.

            - He’s rather good at knitting and crocheting - thanks to lessons from the family friend - and the act of both are so tactile that it helps him ground himself after a vision, so he carries supplies with him everywhere and does both constantly. So if you see any pets running around in sweaters, they probably belong to him.


            - He’s only been learning English for the past few years, so he still has a very thick accent and sometimes gets words confused. His sentences are mostly a garbled mess of Russian and English - if he actually speaks, that is.

            - He’s vegetarian.

            - He prefers nighttime over daytime, and will sit outside and look at the stars every night. His compulsion drives him to keep track of the stars by arranging stones every night just like his father taught him. He genuinely forgets to sleep, and he'll eventually just pass out whenever he gets too tuckered out.

            - Being all legs, he’s extremely clumsy and trips over his own feet constantly. He also hits his head against things more often than most since he’s so ridiculously tall. And he tends to break things since he somehow manages to have something in his hands almost every time he has a psychic spike.

            - He gets nervous around water that is over his head since he nearly drowned while having a vision when he was young.

            - He’s actually extremely affectionate with others once he gets close enough to them. He doesn’t think twice about holding their hand or cuddling with them, without any regard for personal space or whether or not the person actually wants to cuddle with him. In fact, once he starts cuddling with someone, it’s very hard to pry him loose.

            - His fingers and toes are dark brown like his millions of freckles. And you can't see it from this angle, but he also has a big ol' fluffy tail.


            - Confuse Ray

            - Psyschock

            - Shadow Ball

            - Protect


Loved Gifts: Soothe Bell, sketchbooks

Liked Gifts: books, shiny things, sweets,­­­­ vegetarian dishes, anything related to astronomy or the supernatural, incense, tea, art supplies, knitting and crocheting supplies

Disliked Gifts: candles, electronics, meat

Hated Gifts: Twisted Spoon

Relationships: (will change later)

* For rp purposes, when he's speaking in Russian, it will be in brackets "[]" so that I can keep it consistent in notes, the chats, and skype. So unless your character speaks Russian, they shouldn't be able to understand anything in the brackets.


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quesocake Dec 7, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Wow! This is such a awesome and unique character. I'm digging the antlers. And the fact he has a FLUFFY tail;.; 
Gosh, thank you so much~ ;u;
quesocake Dec 7, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Your welcome! =D
TheArmyArtist Nov 23, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Holy crap, he's such a cool character! I hope I get in so that I can rp with him!
Gosh, thank you so much! Best of luck getting in~
TheArmyArtist Nov 23, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist

Thanks.  Would you mind reviewing my app when I finish it?

I could try! I wouldn't mind it, but make sure to get other opinions as well! People in the group are very kind, and if you ask nicely on the front page - or find someone who has posted about offering reviews - you might get a couple of people looking at it~
TheArmyArtist Nov 24, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I will thanks! I'll have it up soon, I just need to type up the history and I forgot where I put it. >-< 
ANDYYYY!! I'm so glad I finally got the chance to sit down and really admire this new character and read his history, I already adore him so much! Seriously, you have an amazing talent for creating really detailed and interesting characters who are all unique in some way with deep cultural roots. And seriously, this guy is REALLY unique! I could tell right from the moment I laid eyes on his name. WOAH!
Sery it is~
I really adore how creepy and silent he seems, but how he is actually a little romantic, how adorable is that! I am also a massive fan of the Balalaika, and was super excited when I read that he could play it well! He better have brought one along to the islands with him!!
And I LOOOVE the drawing of him, he looks so nervous and timid, and his wavy brown hair is so nice! (I love how you draw hair btw) And freckles - seriously, I can't love him enough!
Well done for getting him in the group!

-falls to the ground and cries-
Cher, this is such an unbelievably sweet post, I don't have the words to thank you properly! My gosh, just thank you so much! He was so much fun to think up, and I'm really enjoying roleplaying with him, he's such a hoot. And yes, he brought his Balalaika with him! He likes to go wandering about the islands to find a nice, pretty spot to sit and play. He's got many layers, and it'll be so fun to see how other characters handle him and help him grow. And thank you, I'm glad I managed to capture his essence right in the picture! We should definitely have him meet one of your babies real soon, I'm sure it'll be interesting no matter which one it is!
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